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Kevin G. Baronowsky

23 Roberts Place

Regina, SK S4T 6K4 Canada

(306) 775-3846




¨     Experienced in Technical Documentation Development including Project Management, Analysis and Presentation

¨     Highly effective in communicating with engineers and technicians to translate technical information into everyday language

¨     Dedicated professional attitude; mature and willing to learn new technology and utilize time management skills

¨     Maintain a balanced, objective viewpoint in addressing challenges

¨     Able to see the whole picture from initial concept through to successful on-time project completion



¨     OPERATING SYSTEMS:  Windows NT, Windows 95/98

¨     SOFTWARE:  FrameMaker, Word for Windows, Robohelp, PowerPoint, Excel, Paint Shop Pro, WordPerfect, Corel Draw, PhotoShop, HTML, SGML, FrontPage, Acrobat Suite including Exchange

¨     COMMUNICATIONS:  Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Lotus Notes, Outlook Express




¨     Throughout career as a Technical Writer:

      -   Implement communication techniques in working with diverse groups of technical writers, assigning correct positions with

                  individual capabilities

              -   Facilitate operations, liaison activities; collect, interpret, analyze and distribute information

              -   Outline workflow, diagram critical path charts, make sure projects are inline with budget and maintain on-time completion

              -   Oversee administrative functions, including shift schedules, changes and time critical flow charts on project milestones

              -   Maintain a team environment, establish excellent working conditions, keep communication channels open for staff input

              -   Work directly with users/servers, engineers, software designers, programmers and management             

              -   Edit and review others’ work for grammar, punctuation and spelling; proofread all documentation before publication submission, maintain a high rate of accuracy and detail

              -   Give presentations to personnel covering mission of project, timelines, projections, responsibilities of each party and company as a whole

              -   Interface and meditate conflicts, delegate responsibilities, outline appropriate requirements and evaluate job performance

              -   Act as Project Troubleshooter, handle emergency situations and last minute details calmly and professionally at all times

              -   Work with others in discerning the degree of difficulty, make adjustments and mediate discussion sessions on ironing out dilemmas



¨     Throughout career as Technical Writer:

-     SaskTel International – Developed user guide, training material, help files, quarterly newsletter and website documentation/design for:

     MARTENS Facility Management - provides a complete inventory and automatic assignment of all elements in the electronic path from the    customers location to the switch.

      MARTENS Service Activation Management -  programs digital switches and other network elements online to provide 'instant' service to customers.

      MARTENS Trouble Management - administers trouble and repair records, perform analysis and produce management reporting based on telecommunications facilities data.

      MARTENS Work Management - uses wireless access to corporate systems to provide intelligent scheduling and dispatch of service personnel through up-to-date accurate information about field work, workloads and field technician time reporting.



1997 - Present                    Technical Writer • Project Manager                                                  SaskTel International                           Regina, Saskatchewan



 EDUCATION:               Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration, Minot State University, Minot, North Dakota  (Near Completion)

                                    Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Minot State University, Minot, North Dakota (Near Completion)


TRAINING:                   User Acceptance Testing Certificate - Richard Ball & Associates

                                    Managing Interpersonal Relationships - SaskTel Training Center

                            Clear Writing Workshop -  SaskTel Training Center