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Home Distillation


How to distil quality alcohol at home inexpensive and safely


        Disgusted with the high price of Alcohol?

The price of these items is only high because the so called "Sin tax" amounts to over 80% of the net cost . Virtually anything can be distilled and refined! Run it through the still, add a little sugar, and you have brandy at about 45% alcohol. It will knock your socks off!! Try Multiple runs; if you ran that brandy through again you would wind up with a distillate containing upwards of 75% alcohol.

This Book Covers all the ins and outs of making your own alcohol in the privacy of your home.  Contains over 80 pictures and diagrams to help explain the process of Home Distillation.  Also includes a list of the equipment you will need to pick up at your local hardware store to make your still and easy to follow instructions on building your still.  It also includes recipes for making your own whiskey, vodka, rum, moonshine, beer, wine and hard cider.  90+ easy to read pages.

   Here is the Table of Contents out of the Book:

Introduction 7

Natural home distillation 8

Equipment for fermentation 9

Fermentation vessel 9

Fermentation lids, rubber plug 10

Rubber caps, fermentation locks 11

The syphon 12

Measuring 13

Hydrometer (with Oechslescale) 13

Hydrometer, instructions 13

Measuring glass for alcometer and

hydrometer 14

Alcometer 14

Laboratory Thermometer 15

Quality in general on instruments 15

Distillation apparatus 16

The Still 16

Distillation column filling 17

Counter-flow rinsing of column 18

Heat source for the still 18-19

The thermometer 20

Electronic temperature control 20-21

2 reliable solutions that function well 21

Lab-Master distilling apparatus 22

The boiling vessel 23

Distilling apparatus materials 24

Thermometer connection point 25

Column viewed from base 26

Mounting of column filling

retention strip 26

Fixing of column retention plate 27

Circulation of cooling water 28

Quicker distillation 29

Ingredients 30

Quantities 30

Water, sugar 31

Yeast 32

Yeast nutrients 32

Turbo Yeast 33

Clearing agents (Finings) 33

Activated carbon 34

Activated carbon is always active 35-36

How much activated carbon is used? 36

Aquarium charcoal 36

Deposits in the spirit 37

Essences 38-39

The advantages of essences 40

Which essences are best? 41

Liqueur extract and drink mixers 42

Fill Up essence 42

Drink mixers 43

Literature about home distilling 43

Sources of essences 44

Mash fermentation 45

Preparing the mash 45-46

How much sugar is required? 47

Purer fermentation with Turbo yeast 48


Basic instructions 48

What makes for a "good" Turbo? 49

The key to making world-class spirits 49

Understanding the science of fermentation 50

Yeast is a living organism 51

All about temperature 52

A last trick to improve quality 55

Large volume fermentation 55

Instructions for large volume fermenntation56

Picture of Turbo yeasts 57

Mash fermentation with Turbo yeast 58-59

Mash fermentation with bakerís yeast 60-61

Distillation 62

Redistillation 63

Fractional distillation 64-66

How to distill extra pure alcohol 66

Temperature 67

Theoretical thresholds in distillation column68

Actual location of thresholds 68

Distillation procedure 69-71

Danger of accidents\important points 72

Implosion 72

Explosions 73

Risk of fire, flooding 74

Poisoning 75

Trouble shooting 76

Distillation fails to start 76

Contaminated spirits flows from the

apparatus 76

Spirit comes out but is not clear 76

The mash surge boils 76

Alcohol is too weak 77

Too little output 77

Dilution 78

Formula for calculating dilution 78

Fusel oil 79-80

Purification using activated carbon 81

Procedure 82-83

Different brands of activated carbon 83

Activated carbon filtrat unit 84

Connoisseur method 85

Purification several times through

the same activated carbon 85

Purification must be perfect 85

Blending with essences 86

Basic prerequisites 86-87

Blending with spirits essences 88

Blending with liqueur essences 89

Formula for calculating dilution 89

Table of original alcohol content

of liqueurs 90

Original gravity of liqueurs 91

Original gravity of aperitifs and bitters 91

Legislation 92

Freedom of the press 92

It is obvious 92

Punishment 93

Is the law wrong in your country 93

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