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  Complete DSS Satellite H Card Programming CD 
With Email Support, Member's Website, and Money Back Guarantee!!!

This is it!  Get it here, this is all the information you will ever need to learn how to program the famous "H card".  Learn how to get ALL the channels including:  NFL Direct Ticket, Pay-Per-Views, Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, adult movies =) , NHL Center Ice, NBA Full Court , ESPN College Hoops,  and many many more.  I'll even show you how to get the locals channels.  Dont pay others 300 or more just to let them do your card once and never see them again.  Do it yourself in the privacy of your home.  Make thousands!  Is it hard?  Not with this COMPLETE CD, you could get it up and running in under ten minutes.

This is the CD you been waiting for!  You'll want to buy from us because:

We are up-to-date and current!!!
** We know how to deal with USW 30 issue that just came out ** This is a email response regarding an update we sent immediatly when USW 30 became a problem.  "GREAT UPDATE ON THE REMOVAL SCRIPT,  USW 30 WASN'T A PROBLEM AT ALL, EVERYTHING IS WORKING PERFECT"  Don't bother with those other guys that wont give you support like we do!

Email Support: still have question? Its just a click away.  Let an experience programmer guide your way.  We'll make sure you are on the right track because the best support is all you will get.  Try finding this on other guides out there!

Nothing these days is complete unless it has a Member's Website right?  You will automatically become a member to this specifically designed site that goes with this guide.  This will definitely make it easier for everyone.  No more searching around for information or files you won't need, this site is perfect with this CD!  Get everything you will ever need now and in years to come on this site.

Get Free Software and Scripts required via our members page, no searching around.  No Ebay prohibited links will be provided.  Private site designed just for you..  Use software that works, don't be a tester of those software that can mess up your card.  We only use the best scripts; like the stealth scripts that has been working without any ECM problems.  Stealth scripts are less likely to be ECM because they are hidden and undetected.  Don't bother with those commercial 3m software which are targets of ECM.  They even just got hit last October with almost irrepairable results.  Your card is an expensive investment, use these quality battle-tested software just like the pros do!

Easy to follow, Step-By-Step Instructions kids can pick up.  It's a walk through the park.  This guide is specially designed for beginner.  You will hardly need any computer skills to get started.  If you know how to click a mouse, your halfway there.  We explain in detail!

ECM (Electronic Counter-Measurement) support.  If your card does ever go crazy in the future, we're here to help.  You can learn all about them, how to fix them, and get updates if one occurs.

The cheapest place to buy Quality Tested ISO-Programmers that works for only $75 US.  This comes fully assembled, complete with all parts including serial cable and adapter.  This programmer will be able to program all sorts of cards: F, H, and HU.  Use what experts been using for years.

Where to find the greatest  DSS Underground Sites available.  Want to be up-to-date?  Get the latest news and updates right when they occur.  This is your alternative source of information.

How to Get an H-Card, what to look for when getting one.  Places to get cheap H card in your area.  Let me show you my personal secrets.  Don't believe people that claim they get hundreds of them and not even sell one on ebay.  I will not mislead you, I average about 5 H Cards a week at very reasonable prices!  I have even sold some on Ebay, not like other sellers.

IRC Support if you ever need real time chat help.  Just another added feature in case you need to chat with someone right away.

Industry Scams Alert.  Learn all the scams going out there, dont be a victim.  If you want to get into this hobby, make it an inexpensive one.  Have confident on your next purchase of any satellite related items.

HU Update:  As of today HU cards cannot be fully programed yet, but we'll let you know when this break through occurs.  Once the HU card can be fully programmed, this information will be available free of charge to all members.  Yes, FREE!

And many, many more!

Those all enough for you?  How about MONEY BACK GUARANTEED.  If you try our product and can't program a card after getting this CD, we'll gladly refund your money.  We are confident you will be happy with our product like many before you have been.

You wont find a better CD out there!

Don't accept imitations out there!  We were one of the first and will be the last.  We were the one of the first to offer email support, guarantee, members website, and many more.  All those other auctions out there just copy from our ideas.  Hell, they even copy our titles now since we get so many bids.  We wouldn't be surprised at all if they bought our guide and use it as a model for theirs.  Get the original like everyone else is, we have sold more then 300 CDs on and off ebay just in this past month!

Note:  US residents, avoid high shipping rates and bid from someone in the US!  Plus, you will not have to bother with customs hassel or package inspections that you might encounter when someone tries to send you a product from Canada or such.  Sorry, we do not ship outside of the U.S. due to this very reason.  However, if you are outside the US and want this product,  an email version will gladly be sent out instead.  Remember, information is legal in the United States (US Constitution), and noone will go through your mail!!!

Shipping is only $3.00 U.S, or I could email you all information on this CD for no shipping charges.  Email versions will be sent immediately after payment received.  If you prefer, printed manual and floppy disk are available instead at no extra charge.

Any questions, please feel free to email me at:
I'm ready to help!

Bid with confidence!  I do not make claims that I can't hold up on my end.  My feedback tells it all, over and over again!

"The best that have read so far, this is IT! Fast Email delivery, wonderful trans"

If you want the best, you have to get the best!

Just some legal issues now:
All information on the CD is designed for informational and educational purposes only.  Illegal use of ANY information on the CD is STRICTLY prohibited.  We will not be responsible for any illegal use of this knowledge.  Misuse could result in breaking the law.  There is nothing illegal in the CD as it is for information purposes only.  We do not sell test cards of any kind.  You are bidding on the information CD only, no H-Card or ISO-Programmer comes with the packet.