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***Info Package is emailed same day payment is received***

Credit card payment through, Money Order, Cashiers Check and Cash accepted.

By bidding, bidder acknowledges that this is information only, not actual cards or programming.

Payment must be sent within seven days of auction's end.

Add $5.00 shipping if you would like the info sent on CD. Otherwise info will be emailed for free.


Compliance with EBAY:

This Auction has been made in compliance with eBay guidelines. There is no sale or links to find/obtain programmers or software. We have read the TOS agreement and have not included any eBay prohibited sites in accordance with eBay rules.

All information is designed for informational and educational purposes only. Illegal use of any information in this guide is prohibited. I will not be responsible for any illegal use of this knowledge. There is nothing illegal in this guide since it is for information purposes only. I do not sell H cards, test cards, or ISO-Programmers

*** NOTE: while programming your card is legal for educational use, it is illegal to view the channels without paying for them.  It is your responsibility to  pay for the services you use.

I do not sell any of the following items, nor does this ad provide any links to any of the following items :Test Card,DSS Test Card,ISO 7816 Programmer,Un-99 Device,Blocker Device,DDT Device,DATs Device,DSS-Pro2,"Stealth Switches" for test cards