Touted in many reviews as the Best Wildthing II Unit on the market today, it is unsurpassed with the Smartcards it will fix. NO OTHER UNIT on the market today will fix more cards than this Unit. Fully upgradable for future changes in the smartcard industry, there is no other Unit to look at if you are in the market for a Super Unlooper. Do not be fooled by those others! Do not be fooled by all the names other dealers call this unit. It is too many to list. THIS IS IT. Will fix Every Smartcard that is NOT Already a Dead Processor and many "so-called" dead processors by others are just inexperience and are not really dead. You will know 100% with this unit, second to none.

Serial Cable and Power Supply Included!

Links to software and 'How-to' instructions are provided.

Can't wait for this auction to end?  Buy Direct from our Website at:

Visa, MasterCard and Discover accepted.

We offer great support, fast delivery and great prices. That is why WE HAVE SOLD OVER 500 UNLOOPERS IN THE PAST 30 DAYS!

Programmers and Card Cleaning are also available from our website.

Buyer to pay $13 for 2 day Fedex shipping.

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